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Gayatri Magnet is leading vibro screen supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. It is vibratory sieving machine working on the principle of gyratory motion generated by the vibro motor. Vibratory motion is the most effective method for screening work. Vertically mounted vibratory motor drive vibro screen with eccentric weight at the bottom & top end of the shaft. Top weight causes vibration in the horizontal plane at the time of motor rotation whereas vibration in vertical plane caused by rotation of bottom weight. Many spiral screening patterns are obtained by changing their lead angle for a different application. It is known as Vibro power separator. Our Vibro screen machine provides maximum feed rate, efficiency, and optimum screening. Vibro screen is also known as vibrating screen, vibro sifter, gyro screen , vibro grader etc...

Vibro Screen - Working Principle

Heavy duty, durable motor and balancing weight at top & bottom, these features are the heart of the vibro screen. The most effective method for vibrational screening is gyratory vibration which is utilized by the vibro screen. It causes dispersion stirring and rotary motion along with stratification of product to be sifted. On the surface of vibro screen machine, the feed material continuously flows in a horizontal motion.

Features of Vibro screen

  • • Good Capacity- Vibro screen provides good capacity per meter square of screening area. When compared to other screening machines, in vibro screen oversize material is discharged with relatively less percentage of fines.
  • • Minimum Blinding- Multi plane action of vibro screen limits screen blinding to minimum limit. However, we can offer anti blinding accessories for blinding elimination for material having inherent characteristics of blinding.
  • • Maximum Screen Life- On specially design mesh frame, we put screen cloth in uniform tension. That screen surface vibrates rigidly without flexing wires and reducing screen wear. So we can get maximum screen life.
  • • No Flooring Foundation- Our machine not requires any special flooring foundation. It can be placed anywhere like wooden floors, on the top of bins or light structures.
  • • Minimum Space- Our vibro screen machine requires less space than any other screening machine. Our Compact machine can fit into any existing production lines.

How vibro screen works?

A vibro screen is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials. It works on the principle of vibration and gravity. Here's how it typically operates:
  • • Material Feeding:- The material to be screened is fed onto the screen deck or mesh surface. This can be done manually or using a conveyor belt or other feeding mechanism.
  • • Vibration Generation:- The vibro screen is equipped with one or more vibratory motors or eccentric shafts that generate vibration. These motors or shafts are mounted on the screen box and are usually positioned at an angle to the screening surface. When the motors or shafts rotate, they cause the entire screen box to vibrate in a circular motion or sometimes in an elliptical motion.
  • • Screening Surface:- The material on the screen deck is subjected to the vibrating motion. This vibration causes the material to move across the screen surface and helps to separate particles based on size. Smaller particles tend to pass through the screen mesh, while larger particles are retained on the surface.
  • • Mesh Size and Deck Configuration:- The size of the mesh or screen openings determines the size of particles that can pass through. The vibro screen may have multiple decks with different mesh sizes to allow for the separation of different particle sizes in one operation.
  • • Screening Efficiency:- The efficiency of the screening process depends on various factors such as vibration amplitude, frequency, angle of inclination, and the characteristics of the material being screened. Adjusting these parameters can optimize the screening process for different materials and desired outcomes.
  • • Discharge of Material:- The separated materials may be discharged from the vibro screen through different outlets or chutes, depending on their size fractions.
Overall, a vibro screen works by using vibration to separate particles based on size, making it a versatile and widely used equipment in industries such as mining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and recycling.


Our Vibro screen machines find application in many industries. Some of them are given below.
  • ☛ Food Industry
  • ☛ Chemical industry
  • ☛ Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • ☛ Ceramics Industry
  • ☛ Abrasives Industry
  • ☛ Plastic Industry


  • Consumption of low power
  • Various application in Industries
  • High processing rate
  • Accurate separation
  • Minimum screen building
  • Robust construction

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