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We are leading Gyro Sifter machine supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. It is an efficient modular designed machine which provides vibrations on the screens. It can work for all type of screening applications. This unit is operated by vibrating motor with both end shafts. Our gyro sifter machines are available in a varied number of decks and mesh as per different application. Output can be simply adjusted by unbalanced weight on motor shafts. To prevent rusting, the unit cover is available. All machine parts are replaceable and removable. Our Gyro sifters are fabricated in our established manufacturing plant using international product design. Our provided machine is manufactured by skilled professionals by using high-grade components and the latest technology with market quality terms. These machines are specially made to work in any environment. This gyro sifter machines are appreciated by many clients for its efficient performance. It is available in wide varieties and many technical specifications. Additionally, these gyro sifter can be purchased by clients at market leading price.

Best Quality Gyro Sifter Machine

Gyro Sifter is also known as Gyratory Screen is designed for highly efficient operation required in Sugar Particles, Grains, Pharma, Agriculture, Food and Grains. This machine is made for multiple vibratory motions. We offer this machine and contact parts in MS and SS material. Our developed machine provides tremendous advantaged such as compactness, low maintenance, and simple design. Besides the simplicity of the machine, many other features are also available such as heavy-duty application, low operating cost and long life, available at market leading price.

How Gyro Sifter Machine Works?

A gyro sifter machine, also known as a gyratory sifter or gyratory screen, is a device used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and minerals to separate particles based on their size. Here's how it typically works:

  • • Basic Design:- A gyro sifter consists of a circular screen that is mounted on a gyratory motor. The screen is usually made of stainless steel mesh or other suitable materials with perforations or openings of different sizes.
  • • Material Feeding:- The material to be sieved is fed into the center of the gyratory sifter machine. This material can be a powder, granules, or other solid particles that need to be separated into different size fractions.
  • • Gyratory Motion:- The gyratory motor generates a gyratory motion, which is a circular and gyrating motion. This motion causes the material to move along the surface of the screen in a spiral pattern.
  • • Screening Process:- As the material moves across the screen surface due to the gyratory motion, particles smaller than the openings in the screen pass through and are collected as undersize material. Larger particles are unable to pass through the screen and are conveyed towards the periphery of the screen.
  • • Separation of Fractions:- The gyro sifter machine typically has multiple layers of screens with different opening sizes. As the material moves across each screen layer, it is separated into different size fractions. The finer particles pass through finer screens located closer to the center, while larger particles are retained and discharged from coarser screens towards the periphery.
  • • Discharge:- The separated fractions are discharged from the gyro sifter machine through different outlets or chutes. Each outlet collects material of a specific size range, allowing for easy collection and further processing of the separated fractions.
  • • Adjustability:- The gyro sifter machine may have features for adjusting parameters such as the gyratory speed, vibration intensity, and screen inclination angle. These adjustments can be made to optimize the sieving process for different types of materials and desired separation outcomes.
Overall, gyro sifter machines provide efficient and reliable separation of particles based on size, making them essential equipment in various industries where particle size control is critical for product quality.


  • • Consumption of low power
  • • Maintenance free
  • • Robust Construction
  • • Efficient Performance
  • • Easy to operate

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Known as one of the reputed Gyro sifter machine supplier and manufacturer in India, we offer wide range of Gyro sifter equipments. Moreoevr, Customer can send their unique requirement to get best product quote as we also offer custom product solution. Our offered gyro sifters are highly durable and efficient. They are available at market leading prices.