Vibro Grader Supplier

We are leading Vibro Grader supplier, manufacturer, and exporter in India. Our offered range of Vibro graders are used in different industries such as ceramic, rubber, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glass, mines and many more. Our products are tested on various parameters by our quality control experts using advanced technology to ensure its working efficiency.

Vibro Grader Applications

Vibro graders are high-performance grading machines which are used for grading food grains as per their size, results in the ideal and consistent classification of the material. Screens inclinations, the angle of throw, stroke and the point of toss can be adjustable in Vibro Grader Machine, providing uniform and flawless characterization. This machine can come in use for define way, a wide variety of applications are fulfilled and utilized for wide variety of utilization such as for peanuts, corn, beans, peas, coffee, fried gram etc.

How Vibro Grader Works?

For obtaining high outputs, large screens are provided with maximum holes. Vibrators are mounted in the center of the machine; they are responsible for the vibrations of the screens. For reducing the vibrations of machine frame to a minimum level, vibrating duck is mounted on rubber springs. The biggest advantages of these screens that they can be easily changed by just swinging down the inlet and sliding them out. Screen cleaning is done automatically by

rubber balls thus maximum holes are available in the machines for proper grading. A wide variety of rubber balls is present in the machine to ensure that maximum holes are available at any time for proper grading. For continuous observation of the machine functioning, a sighting pass is also provided. Outlet spouts are also provided with individual partitions.


  • • Easy change of sieves possible.
  • • Automatic cleaning of screens.
  • • Vibrators mounted in the centre of the machine.
  • • Adjustable screen is provided.
  • • The angle of throw is adjustable.

Our vibro grader machines are made to fulfill wide range of applications. These machines are made with most advanced technology to provide maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance. We also provide custom solution for any of our vibrating and magnetic equipments. Moreover, our continuos support and affordable price make us one of the leading Vibro Grader supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Contact us for any of your requirements.