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We are leading Gyro screen supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. Gyro screen operating with vibratory motor and have circular screens for imparting vibration in many direction for the screen assembly. The most effective method for screening is gyratory motion. Gyro screen machine consists of vibratory motor on the top of vibration generating base and screening assembly with perforated sheet. Screening material travels on the screen and passes through the screen depending on particle size and nature. Our gyro screen machine provides maximum feed rate, high efficiency and optimum screening.

Gyro Screen Application

For application of grading of wet, fine and difficult screen materials, circular gyro screen has design with the most advance design of screens. These screens work on the gyratory motion principle and unique feature of this type of machine is its high capacity with using less power and minimum space. The gyro screen machine in India is an important part of any industry which requires different processes including separation, sorting and sizing of the various materials and need operations with the good quality screens.

How Gyro Screen Works?

A gyro screen, also known as a gyratory screen or vibro screen, is a type of vibrating screen used to separate materials by size, shape, or other characteristics. Here's how it generally works:
  • • Material Input:- The material to be screened is fed into the top of the gyratory screen. This can be done manually or using a conveyor belt or another feeding mechanism.
  • • Gyratory Motion:- Inside the gyro screen, there is a circular, gyratory motion generated by a motor or other vibrating mechanism. This motion causes the material to move in a circular pattern along the screen surface.
  • • Screening Surface:- The screen surface of a gyro screen is typically made of wire mesh or perforated plate. This surface allows smaller particles to pass through while larger particles are retained on the screen.
  • • Screening Process:- As the material moves along the screen surface due to the gyratory motion, particles smaller than the screen openings fall through and are collected as undersize material. Larger particles remain on the screen surface and are discharged at the end of the screen.
  • • Adjustments:- The performance of a gyro screen can be adjusted by changing factors such as the vibration amplitude, frequency, and angle of inclination of the screen surface. These adjustments can optimize the screening process for different types of materials and desired outcomes.
  • • Sieving Efficiency:- Gyro screens are designed to achieve high sieving efficiency, meaning they effectively separate particles according to size or other criteria with minimal waste or loss of valuable material.
  • • Cleaning and Maintenance:- Periodic cleaning and maintenance of the gyro screen are necessary to ensure optimal performance. This may involve removing trapped particles from the screen surface, inspecting and replacing worn components, and lubricating moving parts as needed.
Overall, gyro screens are versatile and efficient tools for particle separation and classification in various industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, and many others.

Benefits of Gyro Screen

  • Great capacity
  • Accurate screening.
  • Long Screen Life.
  • Minimum Blinding
  • Less space require
  • No Transmitted Vibration

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